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Resume Professionals

Professional Resume

With an MS in Secondary Education and decades of teaching experience in New York, PA, and WI - Doris is an amazing career coach, resume writer and training expert. She will indicate how to present your skills on a resume or in person. 

Military Advice

We offer limited FREE advice to military personnel who are transitioning into the civilian workforce. Our presentation to four branches of the military at the Department of Defense in 2000 was well received.  


FREE Advice

We offer FREE 15 minute advice calls or emails. This will help you understand exactly what you need to get to the next level in your career.



Doris Appelbaum is Founder and CEO of Appelbaum's Resume Professionals, Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is an international career consultant, resume writer, educator, speaker, and trainer with over 40 years of experience.  She has been quoted as an expert nationwide and has provided career transition services for major corporations and transitioning military.

Doris Appelbaum - Appelbaum's Personal Branding


"I hope that you are well. Once again, a thank you for your help with my resume. I was offered, and I recently accepted a position as the Director of Operational Development at the ... It is a great opportunity and I'm excited about it."




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