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Taking you to your next career with

Resume Professionals


We prefer interviewing you about your personal branding in our Glendale, WI office. If that’s not possible, we will conduct a telephone interview with you on a date and time that is convenient for both of us. In view of a possible time difference, this may be evening/weekend.

At the time of the interview, we will need a MasterCard or Visa number and full payment.  If we meet in person, we will accept a check or cash.

During the interview, I will ask all the questions and take all the notes. This way I get the information employers want and need and not what you think you should tell them. I will market your strengths,  results,  and achievements rather than your duties. Keywords will also be incorporated into the document.

It will take another 3-4 days for me to compose, format, and edit your customized resume. When that is done, I will send a "final" copy for your review. If there are errors, you will let me know, and I will correct them.

  • Please contact us by email or phone for the price of the full civilian resume service package.

  • Cover letters are available.

  • Consultation is priced at $180 an hour.

  • A detailed critique can be done for an additional cost.

If all goes well, this process should take about 7-10 days. If we have to do it all by email, it will take a bit longer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write or call.


Resume Writing

  • Effectively write, format, proofread, and edit resumes to enhance online presence, personal branding and presentation. Optimize keywords, job descriptions, achievements, and summaries to help individual candidates stand out among the competition. Write eloquent supporting documents such as cover letters, thank you letters, and follow-up letters to ensure clients are prepared with all the key elements necessary to correspond with prospective employers. Provide a high level of service and support to individual clients to assist them in achieving their professional goals.

  • ✔ Deliver resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile projects within strict deadline and budgetary requirements by coordinating communication, scheduling, and project delivery. 

  • ✔ Provide excellent customer service by ensuring client’s questions are answered in a polite and friendly manner, and documents are satisfactory. 

  • ✔ Tailor high-quality resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profile packages to a wide variety of industries and job seekers


"I don't usually recommend fellow writers but I need to make an exception with Doris. We have been in many of the same LinkedIn groups, and her questions and answers are always well thought out, interesting, and also helpful. She adds so much value to these groups, and her knowledge of resume writing is extremely high. It has been a pleasure to get to know Doris, and I am very grateful for the knowledge she's shared within the groups. I always look forward to her contributions, and know that I will be a better resume writer by learning from such an expert."




My dad died in 1978. My mom died from complications of dementia. To this day, I regret not listening assiduously to their stories. Don’t make the same mistake.

Career Coaching & Personal Branding

With an MS in Secondary Education and decades of teaching experience in New York, PA, and WI - Doris is an amazing career coach and training expert. She will determine your personal brand and indicate how to present it on a resume or in person. Many clients have said, "Am I really that good?" after they read about themselves. 


& Workshops

We have given many presentations and workshops for various subjects: the unemployed, transitioning military, students, etc.

Publications & Media

Our CEO, Doris, has been featured on multiple different media platforms and publications. 

FREE Advice

We offer FREE 15 minute advice calls or emails. This will help you understand exactly what you need to get to the next level in your career.

FREE Military Advice

We offer limited FREE advice to military personnel who are transitioning into the civilian workforce. Our presentation to four branches of the military at the Department of Defense in 2000 was well received.  


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