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Read what our satisfied clients are saying about us!

A few weeks ago, Doris was kind enough to come speak to our student organization at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She gave us a very insightful and engaging talk about her past as an entrepreneur and our members very much enjoyed hearing the interesting story of her success. We are very thankful for socially conscious entrepreneurs and business people, like Doris, that are willing to give back and share their experiences with our students.

Alycia, President of Entrepreneurs Club, UWM

On behalf of the Y, thank you for speaking at the Bank Your Future event this weekend. We have received a lot of great feedback from students regarding your presentation.

You truly made a difference in their lives. Your support, help, and leadership are greatly appreciated.


You wrote a resume for me last year that has been very helpful. I have an offer to be a financial advisor. I am still considering options but I doubt I will get a better offer than the one I currently have on the table. Thank you for help in getting me to this point.


Hi Doris!
Let's connect on Linked in. You did my resume a couple years back while I was with ManpowerGroup. I left that organization in September of 2013. Working with a new company out of Houston, TX now- but still based here in Milwaukee. I would be honored to have you as one of my connections here on Linked in.

Hope you are doing well!

Warm Regards,


You wrote a resume for me last year that has been very helpful. I am working on my series 6 financial licensing and have an offer to be a financial adviser. I am still considering options via Execunet/Linked-in and Bradley-Morris but I doubt I will get a better offer than the one I currently have on the table. Thank you for help in getting me to this point.


David (Military)

Hi Doris,
Thank you for offering your insights and expertise to transitioning Veterans. I have been shocked to realize how few Americans have any reference or respect for military education or experience.

Thanks for your support.



I hope that you are well. Once again, a thank you for your help with my resume. I was offered, and I recently accepted a position as the Director of Operational Development at the ............... It is a great opportunity and I'm excited about it.


This is Matthew S. You wrote a resume for me a few weeks ago. I wanted to say thank you. Everything was great and starting October 14 I will be working for Gordie Boucher Nissan as a Service Advisor. They are going to be training me to be Nissan certified and I should be expected to make about $36,000 to $42,000 starting off with more pay with experience and training and also have room for advancement.  This is going to be a big raise for me since currently, I was making $30,000 a year. Thank you again for everything.


Doris, I'm new to the job-hunting community, but the approach you mentioned above has netted three interviews in three attempts. 


Just to try and help you out a little bit; Starting out a comment to someone that is being positive, encouraging, and helpful to Veterans especially on a topic that is especially helpful to those transitioning like yourself with a delivery of, "This is Fluff" comes off insulting and is insulting. I can understand that it is frustrating at times to locate solid information for these type of things. I would encourage you or others to read the great article that Amanda Clark wrote because it has great information and is valuable as Doris stated in her post. Furthermore, I would then encourage you to pay someone like Doris, or Amanda for their skills and knowledge in their area of expertise if you are in the hunt for this type of support. This way you can get the full answers you are looking for. You get what you pay for generally speaking, not to mention in my experience paying for a service adds more value to what you invest into it and what you get out of it. I speak, grunt brother, so my hope is that you don't alienate yourself from valuable relationships that can help to benefit your future. I am guilty of this in my life. I wish you the best. You can do anything you want to if you want to bad enough.


Chad (Marine)

I agree with Doris -hire a professional. We hire professionals to take care of minor details, yet we try to do the most important things on our own in order to "save money." Unless we have professional expertise in job hunting, tax preparation, financial planning, estate planning, or legal planning, why do we fool ourselves that we can find a canned program and do them ourselves? After all, as professionals, others rely on our functional expertise to properly execute missions. Cheap (free) in the short run often is more expensive in the long run. If we're seeking something as important as our next career, why are foolish enough to avoid professionals by blindly or misleadingly strike it out on our own?


I've seen your postings in multiple groups I'm also associated with. As a veteran still trying to make sense of the civilian world in my search for "my calling," I appreciate all the help you have posted for veterans.

Thanks for your service.


I agree with Laura and Doris. There is so much more to writing a professional resume which will land the quality interviews the client is interested in today.

Interviewing the client while writing the resume and knowing the right questions to ask is the key. The client has the answers, however, like Doris and Laura says, we as professional resume writers need to coach the client to discover their talents and accomplishments hidden in their subconscious mind.


Recommended your work as CEO, Professional Resume Writer, Speaker, and Career Consultant at Appelbaum's Resume Professionals, Inc.

Dear Doris,
I've written this recommendation of your work.

"I don't usually recommend fellow writers but I need to make an exception with Doris. We have been in many of the same LinkedIn groups, and her questions and answers are always well thought out, interesting, and also helpful. She adds so much value to these groups, and her knowledge of resume writing is extremely high. It has been a pleasure to get to know Doris, and I am very grateful for the knowledge she's shared within the groups. I always look forward to her contributions, and know that I will be a better resume writer by learning from such an expert."


Hi, Doris,
Thank you for accepting my invitation. I am very happy to be able to add such an experienced career professional as you to my network.

As another careers professional, I hope that we might have some opportunity to learn from each other how to better help those we work with. I look forward to learning from you.

Happy New Year,


Happy New Year Doris,
Everything on my resume looks spectacular. Thank you very much. I will update you when something happens.

Have a wonderful 2013,


Hi Doris:

My wife, Kathy H., has visited a fortune teller twice in her life.
Once on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and the second time was with you.

I watched the 'teller work in San Francisco. I don't think she was psychic. I believe she was an excellent listener and expanded on clues that Kathy revealed in her conversation with the woman. She then told Kathy's 'fortune' using words and ideas that Kathy had given her (subliminally).

After our brief conversation at 40-Plus last night, I realized that you're
using the same techniques.

By your own admission, you are very good at interviewing. You're also good at capturing the essence of a person's best attributes and painting a portrait of them in a way that casts them in their best light to themselves and to a prospective employer. You're a 'teller, for sure, and you're assisting them to pursue their fortunes, however, they choose to define them, with a document that shines.

The cover letter and resume that you created for Kathy helped her secure an interview for a high-level position in the Pacific Northwest. The entire process - seeing her best self on the page and getting the interview - was affirming and uplifting for her. She opted not to take the position when it became clear that the employer's integrity was substandard.

As a writer/speaker myself I read your work and give you top marks. It was professional, punchy and spot-on.

I have to say, you're pricey. That's a good thing - I believe you're worth it. You offer value for money - you're an artist and I'd recommend your services to any who are seeking help in finding their fortunes.



I have always found Doris to be thorough, exacting to detail, and highly customer service oriented in interactions that I have experienced and witnessed in the course of our employment at the same company. I would personally add that Doris is a pleasure to share company with and an extremely delightful person. I could consider myself one of her champions.

Bob - Information Systems Manager at Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Hi Doris, Thank you for all your service. That information is very helpful to veterans in your area. I know how you feel about comments like mine because many veterans don't understand there are professionals like you out there who are willing to help and need help themselves.

Thank you for all you do. Sincerely!!!


Hi Doris,
Mike (my husband) got the job…..thanks to you he’s making much more than he ever had before…. You are terrific


Ms. Appelbaum,
I hate to be stereotypical but I must say that your background is unbelievably impressive.  I noticed that you reviewed my profile and I did the same of yours.

Following that, I must ask if you have any suggestions or connections whom you can point me...

Looking forward to hearing from you.


A H , Professional Pilot

Good Evening, Doris -  this is Rolando and I just wanted to let you know I am working now, and as a matter of fact,  I got an interview and am currently working in Lufkin, TX. 

Thanks to you, it only took one week and I got my first interview and nailed my new job.  Thanks a bunch, Doris for all your hard work on my resume; it really paid off.


I was channel surfing this afternoon - not knowing what I wanted to see. And there you were!! Being interviewed by someone in black in a very pristine setting. You were great!

What a wonderful surprise!

Paul S

I am pleased to announce that Appelbaum's Resume Pros Inc has been selected for the 2011 Best of Milwaukee Award in the Resume Services category by the US Commerce Association (USCA).

I'm sure that your selection as a 2011 Award Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization. Congratulations on your selection to such an elite group of small businesses.


Hello Doris,

I hope your summer is going well.

I just wanted to let you know I start a new chapter in my career on Monday August 1st.  I will be the Branch Manager for a new facility that my new employer will be opening in the Milwaukee area shortly.

I wish to thank-you(!) for the great job you did in working on my resume.  If anyone I know comes in need of having a resume, I'll be sure to give them your name.



R C 

By the way, a belated congratulations on your appearance on the MPTV show. You were terrific! That you were articulate and incredibly telegenic was not a surprise at all, but I was so pleased at what an excellent show they produced. I watched the entire hour with much
interest. I'm sure you are very proud to have been part of such a valuable and first-rate effort.

Michael P

Hello there Doris;
I'm not sure if you remember me. We met at a veterans meeting long ago. We were two of 6 people that showed up. It was somewhere near 700 West Virginia. 

I've since started working for Dryhootch of America --- a veterans resource organization. I am the Peer Mentor/Volunteer Coordinator there ... we're creating a huge directory and I want to add you in as a resource.  Let me know if it is okay ...


I really like how you have re-written my resume and the cover letter.
Thank you for the wonderful job.

N Ravi

Doris, you were fabulous on the program. we certainly did learn a lot---outstanding advice.


I really enjoyed the show tonight and found myself taking notes to send to my son, who is switching careers right now from teaching (certified in physical education/health).  Anyway....the show was really good and your section especially good...and you did an awesome job.. Congrats  :)  It was fun to say..."I know that lady!"


You looked great (on t.v.) last night!  Hope that your phone has been ringing off the wall.  Your advice came across as very sensible and real.


Doris,  Congratulations on being on the Jobs program.  It was an outstanding segment.  MPTV should have done this a year ago! 

Best regards, 

Ed M, Board Member, 40 Plus of Southeastern Wisconsin

You rock. I need to set up a time to meet you! I now know you are the right person to help me!  


I just text a very good friend of mine that if you didn't live an hour away and I didn't have to drive to Madison to bring my daughter some winter clothes, I would drive to your home and give you a BIG hug and kiss.....resume looks; you made me look better than I think I am!!!  lol 


Hello Doris!  I finally had time to thoroughly review my resume.  To confirm my first impression, it is outstanding and I'm very satisfied with the end result.  Thanks so much for working this for me and for producing such a wonderful resume.  I'm sure it will help me get my foot in the door for interviews.  I will certainly contact you if / when I need your services again. And I will certainly recommend you to my friends/associates. 
Thanks again for such a great job.

Joy (stationed in Afghanistan)

ADAMM “Friend of the Industry”, Doris Appelbaum, CEO Appelbaum Resume Professionals is presenting a seminar on Interpersonal Networking at the ADAMM office on Wednesday September 23, 2009 from  5:00 – 7:00 p.m.    With all the digital online networking going on these days, Interpersonal networking can’t be ignored. This seminar is open to the public as well as dealership personnel.  Thanks again for such a great job.

Steve Herro - ADAMM - Automobile Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee, Education Director

The feedback I am getting about you is incredible ... which CityGal will print in our next issue.  Feedback ... comments from our public regarding your cover story.

Melanie, Publisher of CityGal Magazine

Doris,  I got a great job!  I have accepted a position at home with Raytheon.  I honestly believe that the wonderful resume you put together for me got my foot in the door for this job and I appreciate it so very much. 

I have referred you to several KBR employees and I expect that you will be hearing from them in the not so distant future.  


Hello Doris,
Thank You for your help developing my resume.  Your results are very impressive.
Thanks Again, 


Doris, you did a GREAT job.  There were just two changes I believe I made on it.  I will attach it back to you, but I can certainly make those changes myself.  WOW, I sure think I would be a GREAT catch for someone - I just hope they can get past my age but you did a GREAT job of diminishing that as well.  It has been wonderful working with you and I would recommend you to anyone looking to update their resume. 

Thanks again,

Kathie  : )

Doris Appelbaum - I have submitted the resume you did for me to ... several temporary nurse agencies...Here is the email I received from Nurse Finders...kudos to you! Thank you.
"Colleen - thank you for submitting your information in such a timely manner! Your resume is very impressive!"

Colleen S

Doris, I'm sorry I've taken all week to get back to you. I agree the resume is very strong. Thank you very much.

Eric D

Doris, The resume looks good. Thank you. I would like for you to do my cover letter. Thank you, Doris, and I look forward to working with you again.

Michelle B

Doris Appelbaum - Hello. I heard from you from a friend of mine. I have just separated from the military. The resume you did for her gave excellent results. I'd like to have you work on mine, too.

Garrick Y

I plan to begin my transition from the military after 23 years in about a year, I read about your fantastic work online and wish to ask your advice on my military-style resume, ...."


I was in attendance at your 40+ presentation at Borders on Wednesday
6/20/07. I was very impressed with your presentation and what you did with the  resume for the disbarred attorney. I rewrote my resume based on your presentation.

Art B

Doris, the freelance front is picking up - you are my good luck charm.

Susan S

Again thank you so much for taking the time to get these documents to me ahead of schedule.   I have already browsed them briefly and corrected some minor misspellings of various equipment and protocols.  Aside from that, they look outstanding.  Thanks again.

Seth (Military)

Dear John:
The Entrepreneur's Source discovery process allows you to have a safe space to explore all your career options. Being a self-sufficient business owner is one of those options.  Finding a new job is certainly another. A great resume will get you in the door. The rest is up to you.
Through my networking connections, I have met a lady who specializes in custom State-of-the-Art resumes. Doris Appelbaum, President of Appelbaum's Resumes Professional, Inc. She has over 25 years of experience and her resumes produce results.  If your resume only needs minor adjustments, she will make those suggestions to you over the phone.  Should your resume need an overhaul, she will explain her services to you.   Let her know that I referred you.


Martin H. Barnes, The Entrepreneur's Source

Thank you so much for coming to the 440th.  Your presentation was filled with helpful advice, especially since many of our people have not been in the job market for many years.  The evaluations as well as comments I have heard indicate the appreciation of our people for your service.  They are anxious to see your comments on their resumes. Again I thank you so much.

Family Support Director
General Mitchell Air Reserve Station, WI

Please contact me about creation of a professional resume for my wife. She will experience corporate consolidation of her position to her employer's headquarters on February 28. You assisted me with a resume a number of years ago and I would like to hire your services for my wife.

Mark P

Hello, I heard about you from a friend of mine. You worked on a resume for my friend many years ago. The resume you did for her gave excellent results. I'd like to have you work on mine, too.

Theresa A

Thank you so much for coming to speak to the UWM students. You received rave reviews. They were all very impressed with your talk. It is really wonderful to know that busy people are still willing to give some of their time back to the students. 

Melissa J

Thank you so much for another great article. The direct link can be found here:  Thanks so much for all your contributions. I look forward to working with you more in 2005!

Megan A

I met with Leonard Peace of the Milwaukee Brewers and had a wonderful informational interview with him. He is highly complimentary of your work

David L

Hi Doris,
I have a new job! I completed my first week. It was the only job I applied for and I got it within 2 weeks. Thank you for putting together my resume with the right mix of business and community service accomplishments.  I also love your approach to gathering information--allowing me to just talk about my work experience, while you pulled out the pertinent information. This also gave me the opportunity to refresh my memory, which I believe allowed me to organize my thoughts for a better interview.
I love my job. Thanks again for your support!

Jo Ann D

Needless to say, I am very impressed. I can see why Stacie speaks so highly of you. I applaud your exceptional track record. You seem to be an outstanding woman!

Mary D 

How can I ever thank you for helping me get through these last six months. I wish that we had met earlier. And I can never thank you enough for the fabulous resume and cover letter and your very wonderful letter of recommendation. No-one has ever written a letter for me like that.

Claire D

Thank you once again for your assistance in recreating my resume...You gave me a lot of good tips and really made me think about what I have done in my previous jobs.

David W

It looks great. I really like the way you organized and broke up the different sections....I think this is what I've been trying to achieve, but never have. It makes my experience look more multi-dimensional. The cover letter also looks good - it's funny how I never knew how to word it before.

Krista R

You certainly come off as a well-informed, cutting-edge expert on the economy and job search. Have a great day.

Linda C

Thank you very much for the help you gave me for my resume at UWM. I incorporated all of the changes you suggested, and my resume is much better. I have gotten many compliments because of your ideas.

Maria F

After reading your article on, I felt renewed for myself and all other out-of-jobbers. The most valuable and reassuring to suggest that being fired = blessing in disguise...for myself and all job seekers out there, thanks Doris.

Dan S

After reading your article on on 9/19/03 I felt renewed for myself and all other out-of-jobbers.

At 55 and permanently LAID OFF from a professional position, I know all to (sic) well the emotional fender-bender that can result. For me, the most valuable and reassuring part of your article is to suggest that being fired = blessing in disguise. A thought that occurs to most but one which is not seriously considered by many.

Patents of an idea or product often seem totally obvious-after the fact. So too must this idea (blessing in disguise) be brought to the surface of the mind's eye before one can wake up and for the first time in there (sic) life realize that they can shape there (sic) own destiny-the way they want rather than just run scared and leap at the first crumb that comes there (sic) way!

What a novel idea, do something YOU really WANT to Do.

For myself and all job seekers out there, thanks Doris.

Dan S

Both documents look great. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Linda W

I have been hired by a firm in Philadelphia. The bottom line is thanks for the help!

Mark O

Congratulations to Doris Appelbaum...Doris recently spoke to an enthusiastic crowed ...on "Job Hunting Paperwork." A reporter from the Milwaukee Journal ... quoted her ...on June 20, 2003. In addition, Doris has developed a professional relationship with a local Russian language newspaper, and her articles will be translated into Russian and published each month. Delighted to hear all of your successes, Doris!

Wendy Enelow, CMI

Hi Doris,

I listened to your radio show yesterday, and you were a 10!

Alan W

Thank you again for the nice piece of interviewing and writing.

Betsy C

Thank you so much for my resume re-write. I can comfortably recommend you to ANYBODY from the first-hand experience as an expert in the field. Why do people insist on doing it their way?.....feel free to quote me an example of resume re-work, and I'm in the HR business!

Carol K

Rick gave (the speaker) a copy of his resume and he responded by saying, "WOW, this is excellent!" Thanks for your great efforts and especially helping to build confidence in a student and make him feel good about himself.

Louise B

My husband, who used to read thousands of resume, has read mine, but formatted by three different companies. He found your format the most compelling, and the most readable. Please receive all his and my congratulations to you!

Annie L

I love your wording. That was what I wanted from you. Thanks, again. I am really getting my money's worth!

Gail L

I took a quick glance at the cover letter and resume; it looks awesome! Thanks!

Karen W

It looks great!!...Thank you so much for the wonderful job!!

Barbara D

Karen...said that you made a strong contribution at Motorola in resume development and one on ones. Regards,

Anne R

Col. Thomas T very recently told me that you were the person to talk to about preparing a professional resume.

LTC William W

Great job on TV last night. It came across very well.

Bob and Tammy H

The students in my Business Career Planning (at MATC) had many very nice things to say about your presentation....You did a great job. Thank you again!!

George B

I was telling my students (at Alverno College) on Saturday about your business. They all begged me to see if you might come in person.

Martha A

Thank you for all your help. Confidence makes a world of difference. I got a wonderful job.

Aggie G

You are truly an inspiration ...The armed forces are lucky to get you!

Bonnie H

I can only express my feelings when I had Doris re-do my time-worn resume. Those feelings were of elation and excitement at seeing my past put down on paper so perfectly. Doris was able to capture my personal and professional personality to the letter.

B Martin

The resume you wrote for me has been extremely effective. I have had responses from virtually every employer to whom I have sent it.

John V

I do not know the role played by those paragraphs you created...but I am certain that they helped create a favorable impression. Your exact wording and favorable slant also gave me confidence during the interview. Thank you for your efficient and excellent service.


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